Our Philosophy

Established in Los Angeles, Montague & Capulet reinvents classic old world motifs that have graced the bedrooms of nobility for centuries by adding a more playful poetic dimension with our distinct and edgy romantic styling.  It has always been our philosophy that our linens need to be enchanting to the eye but also nourishing to the heart & soul.

We believe that ever bed represents the dreams, passions & aspirations of every human being.  It is a place where we rejuvenate our bodies & minds.  Your bed should inspire you to delve into your inner most thoughts and contemplate the day's next conquest!

From its divine conception, Montague & Capulet has aimed to inspire love in the face of adversity and bring back sleep beyond the pages of a storybook fairytale.

Montague & Capulet urges you to wake up every day and write your own story, but at bedtime we invite you to sleep in ours!