Can I place my order by phone?

Yes, you can speak to one of our Customer Service representatives to place your order by phone by calling 714.550.7796, 9AM to 5PM PST, M-F.

How do I check the status of my order?

You can access your account information by logging into MontagueandCapulet.com with your email & password. You will be able to see all of your orders placed online & whether they are in process or have shipped. You will also receive email confirmation of your order & notification of when the order has shipped along with a tracking number that you can use to track the shipment on FedEx.com.

Can I change or cancel my order?

Once your order has been placed & you have received an order confirmation via email, or if your order has shipped, you will no longer be able to make any changes to your order through our website.

Can I order a style that has been discontinued?

Please contact Customer Service at 714.550.7796 or sales@montagueandcapulet.com.

Our Customer Service team will assist you in checking availability & pricing.

Can I purchase gift certificates?

Yes, gift certificates are available for purchase beginning at $100.

Do you offer monogramming?

Yes, Monogramming is available on all of our products.

Can you customize your linens?

Yes, we are able to customize merchandise in a number of ways. Please see our Retail Locator for a Retail Partner near you that can help with custom dimensions, tape and embroidery options, monogramming, and other finishing details.

Can I request a sample of the fabric, thread, or tape before ordering?

We can provide swatches of most of our fabrics or trims. Please contact Customer Service at 714.550.7796 or sales@montagueandcapulet.com with your request & we will try to accommodate you.

Can I buy fabric by the yard?

Please contact customer service at 714.550.7796  or sales@montagueandcapulet.com with your request & we will try to accommodate you.

Does Montague & Capulet offer a line of sheets & towels for hotels?

Yes, Montague & Capulet has a Hotel Collection catered specifically for hotels & their guests. If you are interested in becoming a Montague & Capulet Hotel Customer, please contact Megan Lisak, our Hotel Sales Manager at ml@montagueandcapulet.com.

What is the difference between a sham & a pillowcase?

A sham is a decorative pillow cover usually finished with a flange & an opening in the back; shams are recommended as decorative pieces for the bed. For this reason, shams can be made of sheeting or a heavier fabric like a matelassé. A pillowcase on the other hand is a standard pillow cover that has one open end.

How many pillow shams & pillowcases do I put on a bed?

The number of pillows on a bed is determined by the size of your mattress as well as your own personal preference.

KG-size beds we recommend three Euro shams, two King pillowcases, two King shams & two Boudoir shams.

QN-size beds we recommend two Euro shams, two Standard pillowcases, two Standard shams, & one Boudoir sham.

Twin-size beds we recommend one Euro sham, one Standard pillowcase, one Standard sham & one Boudoir sham.

What is the difference between a duvet cover & a coverlet?

A duvet is the protective & often decorative cover that is slipped over a down comforter. A coverlet is a lightweight, quilted or woven bedspread generally used as decoration & not for warmth.

What are the finished sizes of your products?

Please refer to the individual product pages for specifics on each item. Sizing is included there.

What are the standard mattress sizes?

The standard width x length of each bed are as follows:
California King: 72 x 84
KG: 76-78 x 80
QN: 60 x 80
Full: 54 x 75
Twin: 39 x 75
XL Twin: 39 x 80
*Depth of mattress will vary

What sizes of shams & pillowcases do you carry & what are the dimensions of each?

Our shams & pillowcases come in a variety of sizes:
Standard sham: 21 x 27
KG sham: 21 x 36
European sham: 26 x 26
Boudoir sham: 12 x 16
Neckroll sham: 6 x 12
Standard pillowcase: 21 x 32
KG pillowcase: 21 x 41

What is the difference between a bed skirt with decking & one with panels?

Decking is a piece of material that holds three bed skirt panels together, held in place between the box spring & mattress. A bed skirt that is paneled comes in three pieces which are held up by pins supplied with the bed skirt, & can easily be adjusted & removed.

Are your bed skirts lined?

We do not line our bed skirts. However lining is an option at an additional upcharge cost.

Linen Care

What are the care instructions for your linens?

Taking proper care of your linens will help preserve the beauty & give long life to your fine linens. In general, it is best to use cold or warm water when washing cotton to avoid shrinkage. Never use fabric softener, tumble dry with warm heat & try not to over dry your linens. Please be aware that certain facial creams & body lotions contain peroxide or other bleaching agents. Some of these agents may cause discoloration which doesn’t appear right away, but often upon washing.

In general, flushing a stain with water is the best technique. Make certain that you have enough water to thoroughly flow through the stain. Avoid rubbing the stain without enough water, as this may cause damage to the fabric. Making a paste or using a concentrated solution of detergent ( for ex. The Laundry’s Finest Laundry Powder) will help to remove a stain. When working a stain, it is best to dab it with a very wet cloth, and then flush with water. It’s always a good idea to place a white terrycloth towel or a paper towel underneath the stain to absorb what comes out. Also, be certain to replace, clean or rinse frequently whatever cloth, sponge, cotton swab, cotton ball or napkin you are using. This will prevent you from simply rubbing the stain back into the item.

What is the shrinkage amount of your fabrics?

Shrinkage will happen with any item made from natural fibers such as cotton. The shrinkage amount will range from 2-5%, depending on the fabric. Our items are made to allow for these shrinkage amounts although linens washed or dried in extreme hot temperatures will shrink excessively.

What is the best way to store linens when not being used?

If you plan on storing your linens, iron them & make sure they are stored flat in a dry environment. Make certain that they are not exposed to direct sunlight to avoid color fading.